Staten Island Economic Development Corp.

Economic Development Corp. Launches International Boulevard Program to Celebrate Diversity

Staten Island, N.Y., June 14, 2021 - Staten Island Economic Development Corp. (SIEDC), in collaboration with City Council Member Steven Matteo and the Richmond County Savings Foundation, unveiled today eight international banners along a stretch of Father Capodanno Boulevard at a public ceremony to launch the organization’s new International Boulevard program that celebrates Staten Island’s diversity.

The program is designed to celebrate and recognize Staten Island’s growing diversity, with the new banners representing the cultural heritages of Staten Island residents. Located near the intersection of Father Capodanno Boulevard and Sand Lane in South Beach, the 2' x 4' banners are mounted on official NYC Department of Transportation poles and will remain on display for the community to enjoy.

“Staten Island’s population has grown rapidly in recent years- not just in numbers, but in diversity, too,” SIEDC President and CEO Cesar J. Claro said. “From the original Native Americans who lived here to the many immigrants who settled here along the way, we’re very happy to be leading the initiative to celebrate the beautiful cultural diversity of Staten Island.”

SIEDC plans to line the boulevard with banners representing as many as possible of the world’s 195 countries.

Local companies and cultural organizations presented the banners at the ceremony, with the goal in mind of promoting the multicultural nature of Staten Island. SIEDC recognized the presenters associated with each banner, including:

The Albanian Islamic Cultural Center — Albania

Joan & Alan Bernikow JCC of Staten Island and the Staten Island Board of Realtors — Israel

The Italian Cultural Foundation at Casa Belvedere — Italy

The Staten Island Liberian Association — Liberia

Sandy Ground Historical Society — Pan-Africa

The Pulaski Day Parade Committee of Staten Island and the Polish National Alliance — Poland

The Turkish Cultural Center of Staten Island — Turkey

Dozens gathered on Father Capodanno Boulevard, Staten Island, to launch the SIEDC’s International Boulevard program to celebrate the borough’s cultural diversity.

Eagle Fence — United States

As part of the ongoing initiative, the SIEDC plans to add more banners that reflect the national and cultural backgrounds of Staten Island residents. The organization invites and encourages all of the borough’s cultural organizations and communities to participate.

About SIEDC:

SIEDC’s mission is to enhance a thriving Staten Island economy by promoting public and private investment, and encouraging the development of commercial and industrial property and projects in an environmentally friendly manner, all of which improve the quality of life and provide broad and diverse employment opportunities.


SIEDC’s mission is to enhance a thriving economy for Staten Island, N.Y.